It’s a frame up

Some of you may know that this year I have been taking part in a year long online art course called Lifebook 2016 created and hosted by the wonderful Tamara Laporte….this course has been so transformative for me on a deeply personal level…..I had hoped that enrolling would help me develop some artistic skills (although I have crafted for many years I was always totally intimidated by art) but I had no idea it would take me down such a thrilling and thought provoking path… realise that we are not the sum of the limitations we put upon ourselves and life has endless possibilities if we open our hearts and minds to the challenge.

Now I am fully aware that I am very much at the beginning of my art ‘journey’ but when I stand back from a completed piece I feel more than a little astounded that I have created that…..and to finally frame them is the final flourish (well maybe getting them on a wall is the real final flourish) but they really come to life as a piece of art once they are framed…..

It’s not often that I am proud of myself…..but, right now, I am Proud!

ok maybe proud and a bit embarrassed and cringing on the inside…..well you can’t expect a miracle….I am British after all xx


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